Caramel Pop and Eminem love to entertain visitors.

We're Waiting for You!
Cashew, Eminem and Christina looking for some company.

Amanda, Chief Elf and Llama Trainer, with Cashew.

Santa and his LLamaDeer.

The Clauses and a young friend giving Cashew a treat.

Our new cria, Cashew, and neighbor, Laurie.

Halo and MaxxNino (the kissing llama) waiting for friends to visit and feed them grain and carrotts.

Onyx, chillin...

Pucker Up!

With our special friend Rick who brings us treats every day.

Here's Maxx - getting ready to kiss again. This time, to say thanks to Chris for all the treats she brings with Rick.

This photo shows Maxx and MaxxNino in a loving moment.

Meggie and Nina having a serious discussion about the evils of sunbathing without protection.

Three generations of llamas. In the rear is Haley, our first llama. In the past 6 years, she has had 5 crias: Hombre Ralph, HoneyComb, Hazel Latte, Hannah (shown here in front), and Halo.

Also in the photo is grandson, Albert Henry, HoneyComb's first born.